Conducting a quality SMSF audit demands sufficient time, resources and access to relevant expertise.

Your essential SMSF auditor checklist

When you don't have a system that keeps people accountable, it’s quite easy to add on extra dollars here and there.

5 ways manual expense management is costing you money

PRI's accountant Loise (left) and Penelope James CPA at PRI-Kenya.

Penelope James CPA puts her accounting skills to work in Kenyan permaculture project

Many firms do not regularly reach out to their clients to get insights that will help deliver greater value.



6 top issues in audit

The ATO is working on solutions to help smaller employers meet their STP obligations next year.

ATO seeks to streamline STP for small entities

While some annual reports may be shorter they aren’t any easier to understand.

The annual report: is shorter better?

Changes to money laundering laws aim to help New Zealand live up to its reputation as one of the world’s least corrupt countries and one of the safest places in which to conduct business.

Crackdown on money laundering: New Zealand cleans up its dirty money

There is a greater onus on auditors because they are there to check the figures and protect the SMSF’s trustee and members from abuse.

Auditor responsible for SMSF’s losses, NSW Court of Appeal finds

Although it’s commonly regarded as a single technology, there are different types of blockchain: public and private.

What’s the difference between a private and public blockchain?

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