Practitioners need to stay on top of any tax changes in order to correctly advise their clients.

The top 8 issues facing accounting practices today

Critics say the gig economy is creating a new working poor of exploited employees.

The dark side of the gig economy: warning flags for accountants and finance professionals

The changes aim to protect whistleblowers who often expose themselves to significant personal and financial risk.

Accountants reporting tax issues may be protected under whistleblower laws

Australia does have one of the more punitive bankruptcy regimes in the world, but it’s not the most punitive.

Australia’s bankruptcy laws are about to change. Here’s what that means.

The ATO plans to issue new guidance on Everett Assignments, a form of income splitting, by June 2018.

Tax office takes on professionals over income splitting

It is fairly clear from the Fair Work Ombudsman's words and actions that we are in a new era of accountability.

What Fair Work breaches mean for accountants’ professional insurance

Stamping out expense fraud starts with a clear business expense policy.

How to prevent employees from committing expense fraud

An increasingly litigious and complex environment is driving the need for accountants and lawyers to work more closely together.

How lawyers and accountants can work together for the good of their clients

Blockchain is to financial transactions what the internet is to email – a platform that allows for so much more.

Blockchain: the future of record keeping

Large numbers of women moved into accounting roles when men went to fight in the First World War in 1914 and after the war there was a sense that society was changing.

The long road for Australia’s female accountants

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