Sometimes moving jobs is a risk, and sometimes staying is a risk. And you've got to be able to live with that uncertainty.

5 questions to ask before you change jobs

Often what makes conversations challenging is the discomfort we feel in anticipation of the interaction.

How to have difficult conversations at work

The largest uptick in technical skill demand is for programming language Python (up by 33 per cent).

Surprising tech skills in demand for accounting and finance

CFOs will need the ability to monitor and predict changes and adapt quickly.

The must-have CFO skills for 2022

Colin Aynsley FCPA.

How Colin Aynsley FCPA tells the story behind numbers

Liz Moore FCPA.

How Liz Moore FCPA helps clients find 'financial happiness'

Personal branding elevates others’ understanding of who you are and what you do.

Brand You: Personal branding tips that work

While a blank canvas offers the potential for great gains, it also comes with an increased risk of missteps and failure.

How to excel in 'blank slate' roles

Important “firsts” should always be celebrated. It could be “the first time you get to manage a team or the first time you get to present to the board or senior management.

Four important career moments to acknowledge

In the age of social media, having a top-notch CV is no longer enough. Candidates should also leverage their LinkedIn profile to stand out.

How to make your accounting and finance resume stand out

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