Having a single set of high-quality, global accounting standards makes the flow of trade and capital stronger and more transparent.

The journey to international accounting standards

In late 2017, the Australian Government confirmed its commitment to tackling illegal phoenixing, announcing a director identification number (DIN).

New laws to fight phoenix activity

Foreign Investment, national security, FIRB, Foreign investment review board. Photos by Rohan Thomson.

The strategy of foreign investment

Consumer confidence was at a four-year high at the beginning of January, according to ANZ Roy Morgan figures.

Will consumer spending boost economic growth in 2018?

Class actions have been a part of the Australian legal system since 1992, but are they worth joining?

Class actions: business or justice?

In the 2017 financial year earnings reporting season, 64 per cent of companies increased their dividends from a year ago.

Will the global dividend boom continue?

Housing affordability eBook cover

eBook: Solving the housing affordability challenge

Killing off zombie firms in the real world is much more difficult than annihilating fictional ones in the movies.

How zombie firms stifle economies

Gore at the premiere of An Incovenient Sequel at the 13th Zurich Film Festival on 8 October 2017

Al Gore calls for faster action on climate change

Are high-denomination Australian banknotes soon to be stamped with a use-by date?

Could managing cash stop tax cheats?

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