The original idea for bron.tech was sparked by co-founder Emma Poposka's frustration at gathering her personal data for an immigration visa to Australia from Macedonia in 2015. The price tag? Nearly A$10,000.

Australian start-up bron.tech turns blockchain data into digital identity solutions

01 Sep 2019 Entrepreneurs Small business

While small business innovation is still strong in Asia, small businesses in Hong Kong are under pressure from global trade tensions and soaring rents.

Global trade tensions hit business confidence: CPA Australia Small Business Survey

01 Jun 2019 Economics Small business

A commitment to minimising environmental impact informs every aspect of the Dresden Optics custom eyewear business model.

Custom eyewear startup Dresden Optics sets its sights on sustainable expansion

01 Jun 2019 Entrepreneurs Small business

How they did it

Shelley Banton realised that to take advantage of the kind of technology now streaming into the marketplace, she had to have a bigger firm behind her. Image: Anthony Geernaert.

Harnessing technology for better outcomes for auditor and client

01 Aug 2019 Strategy Technology

Carbon Group founders Jamie Davison CPA and Nathan Hood CPA.

Carbon Group: good chemistry, unique elements combine for impressive growth

01 Jul 2019 INPRACTICE Entrepreneurs

"We think of skills as past tense," says Sean Leong CPA, the CFO of WYWM. "It is behaviours that we focus on."

WithYouWithMe: helping veterans find meaningful employment

01 Jul 2019 Strategy Careers

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