Priya Shankar ASA.

Priya Shankar ASA on Bollywood-inspired community events

While the volume of charitable donations has increased, the nature of corporate philanthropy is changing too, evolving from donations to long-term strategic planning for sustainable initiatives that have a real impact on changing people’s lives.

Why organisations need a long-term plan for philanthropic giving

Alan Chung FCPA: Leadership lessons from Scouting career

Lawrence Lau FCPA with members of the Guizhou school community in the upgraded library.

Lawrence Lau FCPA on creating a social enterprise

Bakous Makari CPA.

How Bakous Makari CPA overcame adversity

Stanley Sia FCPA at a SATA CommHealth medical centre.

Stanley Sia FCPA on a rewarding career

NFP accounting: Revenue vs income

Miracle Zhang FCPA is a keen jogger, and writes about finance and jogging in his WeChat blog.

Miracle Zhang FCPA on bringing finance to life

Georgina Fordham CPA: The joy of fostering a puppy

Ronald Yam FCPA.

Ronald Yam FCPA is energised by giving back

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