Many firms do not regularly reach out to their clients to get insights that will help deliver greater value.

Use data analytics to deliver distinctive experiences to your accounting clients

It probably comes as no surprise that social media defamation suits are rising exponentially across the world. Illustration: Ellen Porteus.

Social media defamation: how bad 'netiquette' can cost you in court

Transport in particular has been fertile ground for Singapore’s sharing economy - or shareconomy - with bike sharing services taking off, and car and van sharing services following suit.

Inside Singapore's sharing economy

How to present finance data to make your point

ERP software companies are pitching cloud ERP to smaller businesses that have created a solid product or service and are looking for a technology platform to support their growth.

The ERP buyer's shortlist: which software is right for you?

Cloud automation software makers have worked out that they can offer users many more functions by cooperating with one another.

Use cloud automation platforms to boost team productivity

Digital payment options are popular in Asia and are helping to improve business cash flow.


Some savvy businesses are starting to harness blockchain technology to achieve innovative – and sometimes spectacular – growth.


While bitcoin is the most recognisable cryptocurrency, there are plenty of “altcoins” that have marketed themselves as competitive substitutes.


Are the risks too great to accept payments in cryptocurrencies?

Should your business accept bitcoin payment?

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