The challenge for the gig economy is to ensure there is reasonable standard of rights and conditions and wages for every worker in the economy.

Are new gig economy businesses eroding employee rights?

Getting the price right: the risk of underpricing is long hours for meagre earnings.

Price perfect: How to avoid being overworked and underpaid

How to keep your energy levels high at work and boost your productivity

Many employers are offering roles on a contract basis.

5 hiring trends in the accounting and finance profession

Don't get crushed under the weight of workplace deadlines.

How to deal with impossible deadlines at work

What are the challenges that organisations are facing as they try to progress from diversity to inclusion? Illustrations by Jessica Meyrick

Making diversity work in the workplace

Keeping up with the job trends will help you stand out from the crowd.

Job trends for 2018

Stride by Atlassian is a messaging app with video, too.

Adopting agile across your business

Do you know your chronotype - your body's preferred time for waking, sleeping, activity and rest?

Can your body clock make you less productive at work?

The popularly-held notion that intergenerational differences create clashes in the workplace does not stand up to proper scrutiny.

Your age at work: just another number

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