Burnout: 5 tips for recovery and prevention

The pandemic-driven shift to virtual meetings has not only normalised recording conversations but has turned them into a business mainstay.

Audio transcription bots that make meeting notes meaningful

Often what makes conversations challenging is the discomfort we feel in anticipation of the interaction.

How to have difficult conversations at work

Lack of sleep affects some of the key cognitive functions we need to be productive and effective, including critical thinking, memory and attention.

Sleep health: How to sleep better when working remotely

Nearly 70 per cent of people experience some degree of anxiety about giving and receiving praise.

How to give and receive praise at work

While a blank canvas offers the potential for great gains, it also comes with an increased risk of missteps and failure.

How to excel in 'blank slate' roles

Important “firsts” should always be celebrated. It could be “the first time you get to manage a team or the first time you get to present to the board or senior management.

Four important career moments to acknowledge

As workplaces reset their norms to adapt to different operating conditions created by the pandemic, now is the perfect time to bridge any gaps between rhetoric and reality.

Is it time to adopt staff wellbeing as a KPI?

The Fair Work Commission may consider an employee has been unfairly dismissed if their dismissal is deemed harsh, unjust or unreasonable.

Why you need to know your rights and obligations as an employer

Secondments have proven valuable even when they are conducted remotely.

What is a secondment and why it can boost your career

If we become disenchanted with our current workplace, it can be damaging to our reputation to remain there.

When is the right time to leave a long-term job?

It’s challenging for managers, because if they don’t jump on it quickly, disengagement can go from mildly problematic to dysfunctional very quickly.

What can be done to re-enthuse and re-motivate employees?

Disruption to workplace norms has forced us to reimagine how we connect with people and exposed the fault lines in digital communication.

How to harness the power of connectional intelligence

The C-suite roles of the future will be those that cut across traditional silos and enable the company to look beyond the current strategic environment to envision a dynamic picture of what a less obvious future might hold.

Do we need more C-suite roles?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic many public practitioners have witnessed a significant rise in both their small and medium-sized enterprise clients and their own employees struggling with their mental health.

Mental health first aid training essential for accountants

Conversations about the ageing workforce have tended to overlook how ageing is experienced differently across genders, but that labour market dynamics will force a change.

Why it's time to talk about menopause at work

With more people working remotely, or at least coming into the office less often, fragmentation is a risk as opportunities for face-to-face team building lessen.

How to master office politics in the new normal

Employers are wary of job hoppers, as they are regarded as disloyal and lacking in direction. However, the definition of a job hopper has changed over the years.

Can job hopping damage your career?

Ethical intelligence is the personal code that dictates how we work and the ability to make ethical decisions when faced with moral challenges.

What is ethical intelligence and how does it benefit workplaces?

Managers who are still honing their people management skills can present an influencing challenge for their reports.

Difficult bosses: lessons from film and TV

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