Research shows that 53 per cent of executives in SMEs expect to outgrow their offices this year

Find the right office space for your business

The acquisition of new skills is a crucial element in both employee engagement and retention.

7 tips to upskill your workplace

Tackling toxic tension head-on isn't just sensible, it's critical to prevent workers from falling into what's known as 'artificial harmony'.

Anger in the office: how to resolve conflict and avoid cubicle cold wars

Zuko Amsterdam is pioneering the new home-office/hotel accommodation hybrid.

How smart hotels are catering to women and small business travellers

Employees in professional roles can reasonably be expected to work additional hours outside their normal workday.

9-to-5 is no longer the norm

Expense fraud is among the most common forms of fraud, affecting businesses both big and small

Are your employees cheating on their expense claims?

Research suggests that on average, 95 per cent of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy

How to be a more strategic manager

The challenge for the gig economy is to ensure there is reasonable standard of rights and conditions and wages for every worker in the economy.

Are new gig economy businesses eroding employee rights?

How to keep your energy levels high at work and boost your productivity

Many employers are offering roles on a contract basis.

5 hiring trends in the accounting and finance profession

Don't get crushed under the weight of workplace deadlines.

How to deal with impossible deadlines at work

What are the challenges that organisations are facing as they try to progress from diversity to inclusion? Illustrations by Jessica Meyrick

Making diversity work in the workplace

Keeping up with the job trends will help you stand out from the crowd.

Job trends for 2018

Stride by Atlassian is a messaging app with video, too.

Adopting agile across your business

Do you know your chronotype - your body's preferred time for waking, sleeping, activity and rest?

Can your body clock make you less productive at work?

The popularly-held notion that intergenerational differences create clashes in the workplace does not stand up to proper scrutiny.

Your age at work: just another number

Playing in the mud: Undertaking a task for which you think you are overqualified and having to work with people further down the corporate ladder.

Best (and worst) business buzzwords

Prolonged stress can lead to anxiety, burnout and depression. The key is to act early rather than try to push through it.

Taxing times: How to manage stress during the busy season

Franziska Iseli has a daily ideas exercise: choose a situation and devise 10 ways to do it better.

Exercise your brain and become an ideas machine

Every hour spent sitting increases the risk of dying by heart disease as much as 18 per cent… even if you exercise regularly.

How office work can kill you

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